Studio Management. Simplified.

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Studio Management Software for music studios, yoga studios, dance studios, martial arts dojos, and more!

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The Easy Way to Manage Your Studio

With Studio Helper, it’s easy to organize and automate your studio. Reduce your workload, and get more time back for YOU!


Studio Helper can integrate into your existing website, to help you attract new customers and show availability.


And our Support team is available to answer your questions and walk you through our full studio management software.

Studio Management. Simplified.

It is challenging to manage a profitable teaching studio, whether it be music, dance, fitness, sports, martial arts or something else. Studio Helper simplifies scheduling & messaging, financials & accounting, tracking & reporting and more! 

Scheduling: Simplified.

  • Real-time calendar with access for students, teachers, and staff to see and book the lessons and events in your studio.

  • Configure room and teacher scheduling.

  • Send reminders and track attendance to maximize revenues.

Financials: Simplified.

  • Invoice your clients and receive payments online to reduce your workload.

  • Calculate payroll, monitor expenses and track inventory.

  • Use in-built reports for key metrics, tax returns and more.

Management: Simplified.

  • Streamline your operations and enhance customer convenience by eliminating paperwork.

  • Configure studio permissions everyone has access to only what they need.

  • Instructors can easily update student skills and alert parents when new skills are mastered.

Logistics: Simplified.

  • Organize and track everyone in your studio (students, parents, teachers, staff).

  • Powerful messaging options including mass emails.

  • Assign ‘to-do’ items. Improve efficiency. Deliver results.

“Expand to the next level”

Studio Helper has helped to expand our Music Education company to the next level. We are able to easily manage invoicing, student/parent info and expenses to make for an easier experience at our reporting periods. In terms of customer service, Studiohelper is prompt, courteous and reliable with any questions your business may have. Thank you Studio Helper!

Shelley Gittel

Director/Principal, Miss Mozart Inc.

“Studio Helper is indispensable.”

“Your web-based management software makes it possible for me to teach and manage a studio of 5 teachers and more than 100 students. It is clear that they understand the unique challenges of managing independent music studios. Thank you, Studio Helper!”

Cynthia Vaughn

Founder & Director, Magnolia Music Studio

“An Incredible asset.”

“Less time consuming and much more accurate.” “I recently started using Studio Helper and just have to say — this program is so cool! It’ll be an incredible asset as my husband and I transition to our larger studio in the next year. Thank you Studio Helper!”

Millie Eben

Owner, Millie Eben Piano Studio

“Amazed Every Day”

Every day I am more amazed and wonder why it took me so long to find you. It would have saved me SO much time over the years! Thanks for the reply. Happy Holiday to you, and new year too!”

Lynda Lybeck-Robinson

teacher, pianist, composer, singer, songwriter, and arranger ~ Studio Management. Simplified.