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If you can’t find an answer to your question using one of the above methods, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Email. Email support is available from 9 AM to 5 PM EST Monday through Friday, 8AM to 10AM on the weekend. You’ll soon see why teachers all over the world rave about our customer support.

Do You Need Help Setting Up Your New Studio Helper Account?

If you are struggling to set up your studio, we can help! We offer free customized start up calls to help you get your Studio up and running. Please contact support at to schedule a time for a personalized custom start up call. Please have three available times available so that support can coordinate and schedule a time that works for you as well Cathy Conrad, who conducts the start up calls.

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We are here to help and support you. Your success is our success.

Customer Support: Simplified

  • 24 hour online self-service support via our vast database of Knowledgebase articles . You can search for anything anytime!
  • 7 days a week specialist human-based technical support from 9am  to 5pm Eastern US (Mon-Fri); and, 8 am to 10am Eastern US (Sat & Sun).
  • Unique ‘studio startup’ calls designed to get your business up and running fast!
  • 24 hour email support via You send us your questions, and we respond during the next (human) support shift!
  • 24 hour voicemail ‘call back’ service (800-517-2811). You can call anytime, and we’ll respond (via email or phone) during the next (human) support shift!

Questions: Simplified.

The word ‘helper’ is core to our business and our brand so contact us today with your questions and support requests!