Studio Helper Coronavirus (COVID-19): Info & Updates

Studio Helper is fully aware of the threat Coronavirus (COVID-19) poses to music teachers, teaching studios, and the wider community. Currently, we’re working as fast as possible to respond, to further enhance our software for online teaching & learning and to provide additional online teaching resources.

As a small business ourselves, we fully understand the commercial challenges this virus represents. This page will be updated regularly, to explain how we’re enhancing our software, and supporting teachers, studios, parents, students, suppliers and (of course) our own team members.

Software Updates: Major upgrades & essential features

At this time, we’ve already integrated Skype & Zoom with our software. There are further enhancements planned, to further strengthen aspects of online teaching, so please check this page regularly for updates.

Of course, many aspects of our industry leading software are designed for online teaching, already. We recommend ensuring you’ve enabled invoicing via PayPal and/or Authorize.Net (to automate billing & collection).


Team Updates: Remote Working & Social Distancing

Studio Helper has operated a ‘remote working’ methodology since its launch (way back in 2008), so in some regards this is ‘business as usual’. This being said, as our team operates across many countries (US, Bangladesh, UK, India, Russia, Venezuela and Peru) everyone has been affected in different ways. To help keep our team safe & well, and avoid any feeling of social isolation, we’ve created a central communication channel, and we’re asking everyone to post regular updates about their situations.

Teacher & Studio Updates: Supporting the music teaching industry

Our popular course (TF is a complete Online Teaching training program) and MusicTeachers.Academy e-guides (MTA is a wide range of PDF guides on essential business topics, including Social Media, Blogging and Branding) represent *everything* needed to embrace and succeed with teaching music online. Of course, *there’s never been a greater need to shift to online teaching*, and so these courses & e-guides are absolutely essential for music teachers.

This is why we’ve decided to help the entire music teaching industry, by making all of our amazing products available for only $1, for absolutely everyone! This is an amazing 80% discount for MusicTeachers.Academy e-guides and a 99% discount for! is proud to be helping music teachers and teaching studios navigate the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19), so please share this offer with everyone!