Become a Distributor

Become a Distributor

Help us spread the word about Studio Helper, and we will pay you a residual income for every studio you refer.

  • Earn 20% commission per month on all payments from studios you refer to Studio Helper.
  • Offer studios a 10% discount per month if they sign up as your referral.
  • Continue to get paid every month, for as long as the customer continues their subscription.
  • Free to Join!
  • Fill out the form on the right to become a distributor today. It’s free!

What is a distributor?

A distributor is someone who helps Studio Helper show others the value of the software and assists them in getting started. Some ideas for doing this are: Writing a review of Studio Helper for your website or blog, giving a presentation about Studio Helper to your colleagues, sending links to Studio Helper through Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail, or just telling a friend in person. Once studios see what Studio Helper can do for them, most will want to give it a try.

How much do I get paid?

As a Studio Helper Distributor, you will receive a monthly residual income of 20% of all payments received by customers you’ve referred. You will continue to get paid for as long as the studio continues the subscription. For example, if the studios you’ve referred pay us a sum total of $1,000 in a given month, you would get $200 that month.

How do I get paid?

We send your payment through Paypal at the beginning of every month, for the previous month’s earnings. If you do not have a Paypal account, click here to get one for free.

How does Studio Helper link the subscriber to the distributor?

Each distributor is given a promotion code and a special link with your promotion code embedded in it. Simply give your code to studios, or have them click your link and sign up for a free trial. When a studio enters your code on the signup form, or clicks your link, this will link their account to you, and any payments they make from that point on will be part of your commission. Note: Some studios may sign up for a free trial, but not actually upgrade to a paying account for a few months later. As long as they put your code in or clicked your link when they signed up for the free trial, you will get commission when they upgrade, no matter how long it takes.

Benefits to studios

As an additional benefit to studios, we allow you to offer them 10% off their monthly subscription if they sign up using your promotion code. This gives them incentive to sign up from your link or promotion code, so that they can receive this discount.

If you have any other questions about our distributor program, we’re here to help you. It’s free to sign up as a Distributor. Simply fill out the form below to register as a Distributor, and you will instantly be given your promotion code and link to help spread the word about Studio Helper. It’s easy!

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