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Let’s get to know CSM’s Folk Instruments! Today’s instrument is the Tank Drum – also known as the tongue drum, or hank drum.   What is a tank drum? The tank drum is a cushion-shaped percussion instrument made from metal. The top of the drum is sliced into small petal or tongue shapes to create different pitches when struck with a mallet. When played, the tank drum has...

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Inspire Others, Reinvigorate YourselfI hate to admit this, but the truth is that sometimes I fall into a slump when it comes to running my studio.

Dealing with the same administrative tasks, working with the same students, and running into the same issues from week to week can leave me a little drained from time to time, no matter how much I absolutely love what I do (and I really do!).

I have a network of colleagues and friends who run their own businesses as well, so I know that I’m not the only one who struggles with burnout occasionally. When I feel it coming on, I know exactly how to nip it in the bud before it takes over.