Announcing: New Location for the Studios of Sarah Strout!!

Announcing: New Location for the Studios of Sarah Strout!!

By Julia Kossuth

As of January 2014, the Studios of Sarah Strout are very excited to announce that we are moving to a new location! As the studio has exceeded 160 students, we’ve outgrown the three-room studio at Sarah’s home and cannot wait to be in a new commercial space.

upgradeWe will continue to offer in-home lessons via traveling teachers, but are excited to expand our studio as we move to a 12-studio facility dedicated just to giving lessons. We are excited that this will open up our studio to more students, more teachers, and the location will give parents close access to other businesses without having to travel very far during their student’s lesson.

As Sarah has been designing the new space, she’s been able to take into account bigger rooms for group lessons as well as give each teacher their own space to make their own. There will be a waiting area for students to watch for their parents (credit dana). She also plans to have secured access into the building for added safety for the students and teachers.

We look forward to having an open house mid-December to introduce this new space to the neighborhood, complete with students and teachers playing Christmas carols and serving refreshments.

What are some things that you find indispensable in a studio space? Are there any must-haves that we might include?


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