End of Year Recital

End of Year Recital

By Julia Kossuth

Well, we are officially into a brief summer break before we start summer lessons here at the Studios of Sarah Strout! And, of course, the even that finished our school year was our end of year recital and awards ceremony.

Carnegie hallAs our studio has grown, this has created the need to revamp our recital structure. In the past, we’ve held one recital, or one recital on each Saturday and Sunday. However, this year, with the way our schedule fell, we decided to hold recitals on just one day this May. We also divided up the three recitals according to last name; A-E at 1pm, F-M at 3pm, and N-Z at 5pm.

We were pleased to see how well this worked–no recital was too long, ranging from one hour to an hour twenty minutes. We distributed trophies at the end of each recital and had time for pictures, with plenty of down time between recitals.

As we consider revamping the recital structure to fit the studio as we grow, we toss around lots of ideas. What are some ways you’ve held recitals for your studio? Do you have any tips for having an enjoyable and smooth recital experience?

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