Former Status Update

Former Status Update


support 2The former status is now fixed! You will now be able to move students to the former status and retain PAST data. Future data will still be deleted when moving to former.

The warning will still alert you that all information will be deleted. It reads as: “Moving this student to Former will delete all calendar events, student registration, comments and tasks. (Invoices are retained.) Are you sure you want to move this student? Please make sure you have a backup calendar before proceeding”. Be very sure you know this before moving. We do suggest that you only move one or two students as a test and to back up their data before saving the former status. This is a new fix so please let us know if you notice any problems.

We will continue to improve this status with a new report soon to filter info for former students.

Thank you for your patience in this matter and please contact support if you have any questions.


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