More New Features for Studio Helper!

More New Features for Studio Helper!

In an effort to bring you the best studio management program, Studio Helper has released two more new features!

  • Navigation Link Now Available in Calendar Event!

There is now a navigation link in edit mode within a recurring calendar event.While in Edit mode, you will now see “Go To Other Events” on the left hand side with a drop down of dates for that particular event. Here you can go to any event within that series of events if you need to.navigation_link2

This new feature will not take you to any event on the calendar, just to events within the recurring series.





  •   Teacher Payroll Now Connects to Monthly Packages!

The original teacher payroll only connected to “Per Lesson” packages. SH is pleased to announce that you can now record payroll with “Monthly Packages”.

In the “Rate” tab, you now have an option to choose “per lesson packages” “per month packages”. When you choose the option for “per month” the page will populate with a list of monthly packages that have been assigned to students and a teacher.monthly_package_amounts

Enter the percentage amount in the box on the left hand side by the name of the package that the teacher would receive and then click on “retrieve all monthly packages”. Another section will drop down and will list the amount to pay the teacher based on the percentage amount you entered on the left hand side.

When you are ready, click the green link “add to payroll”. The payroll will then be added to the payroll section under money.

Please be sure to clear your cache and cookies before logging in order for all new features and fixes we have implemented show in your studio.


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