New Feature! Rates Tab

New Feature! Rates Tab

thwhat-newDue to the large number of votes on tracking teacher pay, Studio Helper just rolled out the new “Rate” tab. This tab is found in the profile view of teachers.

Here the studio will be able to set the teacher pay rate by hour, percentage or flat fee. Teachers can view this in their profile and admin is able to view and edit.

To find the tab, go to People>tab “Rate” at the top of the profile.

This is the first phase in this area. Right now, it is a place to set your rates. The next phase will be the reporting section so you will be able to have better flexibility in tracking teacher pay rates and to use as payroll.

We will let you know when the next phase is complete.

We hope you enjoy this new feature of SH and we will keep you posted of other new feature as they become available.


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