November Studio of the Month!

November Studio of the Month!

Our interview with Motif Music Studios of USAbloggity

SH: Tell us about your studio.

Our music studio, Motif Music Studios, opened in 2010 when Jeff & Amie Webster decided to combine their respective skills in computer programming, design and business management and 13 years of teaching experience to create a music school that provided a positive, professional work place for teachers as well as an inspiring environment for students to study music.

SH: What is your experience, and the style you teach?

Before opening Motif Music Studios, Amie Webster, ARCT Teacher, had taught piano and theory for 13 years. What made this my passion was the variety that this career provided. I love teaching a wide range of music styles and levels as well as the challenge of working with students with all different strengths and abilities.

Our studio has now grown to offer lessons with 9 different instructors that all have different strengths and music styles. We have teachers for Piano, Guitar, Voice, Clarinet, Saxophone and all levels of Music Theory.

SH: Tell us a little bit about your music studio.

Motif Music Studios is located in an artistic part of our community and is surrounded by local artists, a dance studio, a funky coffee shop and a really supportive business community. We have a bright, cheery waiting room, small office, a washroom and 4 seperate studio rooms that are spacious with tall (13 foot) ceilings and 4 acoustic pianos (3 upright Yamaha pianos and a Young Chang grand piano). Each room is sound proofed to minimize sound transfer between studios.

We offer private lessons as well as Bi-Monthly group workshops focusing on a variety of different topics throughout the year, including; Rhythm workshops, Composer Birthday parties, Canadadian music showcases, Performance preparation classes, Duet & Ensemble classes and even workshops especially for parents.

We also host 2 recitals each year to encourage students to share their music with others.

We are so pleased to have a wonderful teaching staff that have continued with us since we opened.

SH: How do you manage your studio?

Our music teachers work as employees and gain the benefits of that by qualifying for Employment Insurance, sick leave and maternity leave, as needed. They are diligent to communicate needs and we look after all business expenses. Jeff looks after all accounting, registration, data base upkeep (using Studio Helper music Software), web design, branding and advertising. Amie looks after communication and programming for the studio as well as coordinating teachers.

SH: What are your plans for the future?

One of our goals for the future is to be able to have a part of the music school be set up as a non-profit organization with a board that would plan for fundraising and scholarship programs for deserving students, so that students from all different backgrounds would be able to learn and enjoy music.


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