Updates For April

Updates For April

happy computerIt is wonderful to have the cold winter behind us and to look forward to warmer weather including a sense of rebirth in the air!

We have had a lot of compliments about how lightning fast Studio Helper is. That is wonderful news that at the end of the day, through the rough spots, the upgrade was a huge success! A big thank you to the programmers, developers who helped us through this transition.

Speaking of programmers, they will be working on many new features that have been requested through uservoice. The first to be implemented will be the way you are charged for students. You will now not be charged for former students. Once you move a student to the former status, all future events on the calendar will be deleted since they won’t be active.

This way it also solves your dilemma of keeping students names in your studio in case they come back again. If they decide to resume classes, you can move them back to active. Please note, that if you simply add them to the calendar that will also automatically make them active. Some of the fixes that have been applied include, event reminder emails, inventory counts, PDF reports and tasks on the overview page.

Don’t forget our Distributor Program, where you can earn money referring other studios to Studio Helper.

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 You can submit an idea, or vote on features you would like to see implemented on Studio Helper by going to https://studiohelper.uservoice.com/. You can also email our support team with questions and concerns and also search our Studio Helper Knowledgebase, which contains many answers to frequently asked questions.

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