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By Julia Kossuth As a young teacher, and thus lacking years of consistent teaching in one place, I've been able to consider what works and what doesn't work to motivate my students. This has also been largely influenced by my own piano teacher through high school, who I maintain contact with to this day. I think the key to student success is lots of performance opportunities. At...

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By Julia Kossuth As our end of the year recital approaches, a mere two and a half weeks away, it is my goal to maximize the time I have with each student so they are truly prepared for their performances. I've found that with only two recitals a year (Christmas and May) it can be difficult for students to maintain hard work and preparation, as there...

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Creating Digital ProductsBeing a studio owner — a small business owner of any kind, really — is challenging. Your income is not always guaranteed month to month, and there are only so many hours in the day during which you (and your employees, if you have any) can work with students.

It didn’t take long after opening my studio doors back in 2007 to realize this. I had started a blog related to my music therapy and teaching work, so I decided to take it a step further and create a digital product to try selling.

Every March, I attend the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) Conference to refuel, recharge and reinvigorate my studio and my teaching. After a particularly brutal winter, I found myself frazzled, stressed and on the brink of Teacher Burnout!! Thankfully, I had scheduled time off to attend this year’s conference in the “windy city” of Chicago. The trip was just what I needed to replenish my energy, giving me a fresh perspective as well as gratitude for all that I do have!

By Julia Kossuth As we are approaching our spring recital in the end of May, as well the middle and end of the school year, I like to implement new practice strategies and reminders. With each student I often take a slightly different approach, so there are always suggestions and changes to be made to refresh their practicing habits. One comprehensive source from which I've gleaned...

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