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By Julia Kossuth As we've begun the spring semester and gotten back into the swing of music lessons post-break, I've noticed a few practicing habits--or lack thereof--that I want to address with my students. Here are a few of the tips I walk them through during their lesson or have as a handout for them. 1. Some of my students have a set time that they practice...

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By Julia Kossuth One of the opportunities I have at the Studios of Sarah Strout is to teach a group piano class to three 4- and 5-year-olds. Being relatively new to teaching group classes, it's been a great learning opportunity for me regarding teaching strategies and being creative in class time. A useful tool I've been using lately has been, surprisingly, play-dough. I will have my students...

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Reignite the SparkNo matter how successful, motivated, and passionate you are when it comes to your career as a studio owner, it’s inevitable: at some point, you’ll need to add some fuel to the fire that drives your work.

Maybe you’re undergoing a shift in your personal life, or feeling burnt out, or just fighting a case of the winter doldrums. In any case, here are some ideas for reigniting the spark that made you fall in love with teaching in the first place.


Several years ago, the following article appeared in our local newspaper. My dad clipped the article and I recently came across it again. It is still timely and valuable advice written by Lloyd Shearer. Shearer was a celebrity columnist for Parade magazine (an insert in the Sunday paper) and wrote the popular column Personality Parade.

10 Ways to Achieve a Good Attitude

    1. Set goals for yourself. Make them believable and clearly defined. Write them down every morning, vividly imagining them during the day. Once achieved, create another.
    2. Avoid negative people. They put junk into your subconscious. You cannot help them unless they are ready to be helped. They are rarely ready.
    3. Actively seek positive people. Make it a point to spend more time with them. Positive people are gems. Cherish every one you meet.

By Julia Kossuth As 2014 very quickly approaches, the Studios of Sarah Strout are also quickly preparing to resume lessons in our brand new studio space. In the next week, we will be moving all of our studio's contents into the new building and getting settled for the spring semester. We are looking forward to this change as an opportunity to not only reorganize our studios ...

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