Adjustments As We Grow

Adjustments As We Grow

By Julia Kossuth

As 2014 very quickly approaches, the Studios of Sarah Strout are also quickly preparing to resume lessons in our brand new studio space. In the next week, we will be moving all of our studio’s contents into the new building and getting settled for the spring semester. We are looking forward to this change as an opportunity to not only reorganize our studios  and start fresh, but have a fresh, new, and more public face for the community to see regarding music lessons. Now that our studio is in a more publicly visible place, we are preparing for an increase in students–so exciting!

thwhat-newAnother change that we will be implementing beginning in January is how we communicate with parents. Up until now, Sarah Strout has almost exclusively dealt with parent questions, student scheduling, make-up lessons, and anything else that comes up with the studio. Now, each teacher will have an email address with which they can contact their students’ families, making for (hopefully) a much more streamlined process of relaying information…not to mention less craziness for Sarah as her studio rapidly grows!

What are some changes you have made as your studio has expanded? Is there anything that you’ve found particularly helpful as you’ve had to adjust to a larger volume of students?

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