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Ok- I am a BIG fan of Nancy and Randall Faber’s piano method books already, so when I saw they came up with a series for kiddies under 6, I was so excited. I’ve had students in this age group for a few years, and I have always used LITTLE MOZARTS by Alfred’s. It was OK. But just OK. That is a tough age group to teach if you don’t have the right equipment, and I’m pretty stoked that I finally do.

The Faber’s have taken their talent for composition and have created a series that includes a CD of top-quality productions of all the songs in the book. It sounds like a good Children’s music CD you would buy anywhere, but it just so happens to be a learning supplement. This is brilliant. We all know children learn music by singing and listening, so of course it makes sense to make a great CD of music to help them learn. (Why didn’t I think of this??) And the songs are good. Witty and cute, and true to the Faber’s nature, catchy. Unlike some books, the songs are actually enjoyable to play and hear. By playing along with the recordings, the young students become stronger at rhythm and sight reading. I have been using these books with 2 students now, and I am in LOVE.

The lesson book also comes with a writing book. They work in sync with each other, and I find it best to teach the lesson first, then immediately do the writing assignment. It really helps the kids get the concepts down. I can usually get through 2-3 lessons in one 45 minute class.

Because of these books, I no longer dread teaching pre-school age lessons. I totally recommend them.

If you want to see a video of someone playing along to the CD, go here.

  I have been meaning to start a newsletter for my studio, because it's a great way to stay connected and give information. Also- it makes you look extra professional. I sampled a few programs, including some paid ones, but I ended up going with Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp is free if you send less than 1,000 emails a month, so that's a great bonus. I...

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Well, I finally did something I have been wringing my hands over for a long time. I made a couple dramatic changes to my studio policies. For several months before making the decision, I kept finding myself frustrated and feeling like a push over. Why? Well, the main problem was my payment policy. I had a very forgiving one. Students pay at the beginning of the month, but if there is a cancelation within 24 hours notice, they get a refund next month. Do you know what that means? At the beginning of every month I would estimate my earnings according to the calendar, but would lose at least a quarter of income because of all the planned cancelations and excused absences.

When a new student starts with me, and they display a bit of natural ability, I get excited. I think, this is going to be fun. It will be really easy to teach them. And sometimes that is true. But sometimes I get a student who is naturally talented and lazy. And they never seem to really progress. Or their progress takes way...

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Instead of a typical informative blog post, I want to ask readers a question: What's your attendance policy? Everyone is different. I'm curious about how others do it. What works best for you? What have been some mistakes you made and learned from in the past? Currently, my policy is students pay me at the beginning of the month, in advance. If they cancel on the...

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