Program Development

Too many referrals

Yesterday during a break between lessons, I checked my voicemail to find three messages from parents seeking a voice teacher for their children.  Three inquiries in a week? Completely normal.  But three in the span of two hours?

I got my explanation when a teacher from another local studio called and revealed himself as the referral source.  He is in the process of downsizing his student load in order to take on other projects, and has been recommending that his students continue their studies with me.

To most teachers and studios, this would be a jackpot situation (literally and figuratively).  But when you already have a completely full studio with a growing waiting list, receiving a slew of new referrals all at once is a bit overwhelming.

The good news is that if you find yourself in this situation, your reply to potential students and parents doesn’t have to be “no”. 

booksI find that often times I’ll pick up business books from the store looking for inspiration and they just end up sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Sound familiar? Sometimes it’s because I get excited about a new topic, ie. Social Media which warranted me purchasing not one but five social media marketing books! Needless to say I barely got through one and skimmed a couple others. I realized that as with any other task I hope to achieve associated with my business (Brooklyn Music Factory) I need to actually set aside the time to accomplish them. Books somehow felt different, but of course, they are not. They require time during my workday if they are in fact a priority. So, that is what has changed as of late. I now set aside some reading time a couple times during the week and, low and behold, I am starting to pull new books off that dusty shelf! This entry marks the first of a series on business books that I have discovered to be chock full of useful info. And how I see that info affecting my business operation.

"what are the goals of YOUR program"? Have you thought about why you teach and what you hope to see for your students? Are you a professional training program? Do you have a speciality, a preferred age range, a required time/class commitment? Have you communicated your goals effectively in your program or school? Are you meeting the needs of your participants? And does your program...

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