Outgrowing My Studio

Outgrowing My Studio

Outgrowing My StudioEvery year it seems that I blog about a big change happening in my studio: renovating, hiring another teacher, taking the summer off to have a baby…and now, moving to a bigger location!

My studio has grown from being a traveling one (where I went to my student’s homes), to a small one-room space in my house, to another part of my home which includes a separate entrance, waiting room, and restroom in addition to the studio.

That has worked very well for me and my students over the last three years, but I’m at the point where I need a studio that is not located at my home. Exciting? Yes. Scary? Definitely. So why make the move when at this point in time, I have virtually no overhead costs?

First of all, my baby is at home while I’m teaching, which means there is a babysitter here whose car takes up valuable (and limited) parking space. Secondly, my other teacher is still traveling to students’ homes, which greatly limits how many students she can see each week.

Our waiting list has grown tremendously this year, and we just don’t have the hours in the day to increase our student load. In a larger studio with multiple teaching rooms, we could see many more students as well as hire an additional teacher. We could also teach and lead various groups right there in the studio, instead of renting space from other facilities by the hour (and paying a pretty penny for it).

It will be a huge financial undertaking at first, but the potential for huge growth — and as a result, big increases in income — is there. We are at the very beginning of our search for the perfect location, so I will continue to post my progress as we embark on this exciting and overwhelming adventure. Any tips and advice from those of you who have “been there, done that” would be greatly appreciated!

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