The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big ThingFrom the moment I opened my studio, I’ve always had the same question in the back of my mind: what is the “next big thing” and how am I going to make it a reality?

Since that day over five years ago, I’ve had some pretty amazing “next big things” happen. I made the transition from traveling music therapist/teacher to opening a studio where my students come to me. I gained enough students to quit my day job and become a full-time studio owner. I completely remodeled my studio space. And then earlier this summer, I hired my first contractor.

But despite those exciting developments, I’m still in hot pursuit of — you guessed it — “the next big thing”. So what might that be?

As studio owners, we all have our own unique goals and ideal situations. My dream scenario: having a non-home based studio space with enough room for several teachers and/or music therapists to work at one time, in addition to a room large enough to accommodate group lessons and classes.

Of course, making that dream a reality would involve hiring several more contractors, attracting enough students to provide them with work, and then seeing the studio’s income increase enough to make leasing a space worthwhile.

So I look at each step in the bigger picture as a manageable goal, even if seems completely overwhelming. After all, accomplishing “big things” is hard work and wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding if it wasn’t. Looking back on how my studio has grown is a huge motivating factor for taking it to the next level.

What the “next big thing” for your studio?

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