The To-Do List

glasstodolistappBy Meridith Johnson

As teachers, studio owners and managers and people on planet earth, it seems like there is a constant to-do list.  Seasons change, jobs change, people move and our live seem to be in a constant flux.

Our studio has gown greatly in the number of students we’ve had, and we’ve expanded our capacity at our studio to reach to providing in-home lessons.  We have a couple of teachers that are exclusively in home teachers, which also adds to the constant change of environmental factors of being an in home teacher.

Do your studios offer in home lessons?  What challenges have you seen with this?  What positives are there to providing in home lessons?  Does it help represent your studio well by offering in home lessons, or does it change the dynamics?

Even with a new school year upon us and the changing of seasons from summer to fall, there can still be consistency in your studio whether lessons are in home (credit dana), or in studio.  Students, teachers and people in general have a great capacity to adapt, grow and thrive in the midst of change, how can you do that today?

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