Host a Practice Challenge for Charity

Host a Practice Challenge for Charity

Last month, I signed up for a 30 day yoga challenge at my local yoga studio to raise money for a music education non-profit. The idea is I pledge to go to class every day for 30 days straight and raise at least $10 a day from sponsors.  I did the whole challenge (except for one sick day…)and it the end, I felt great! I was amazed I could endure that much for so long. It made me realize that when you put your mind to something, you can do it. I thought that maybe this idea could be transferred to other areas of study…

I thought this would be a great promotional idea for all you other studios out there. For myself, I thought I could challenge my students to practice piano every day for 30 minutes each time, NO MATTER WHAT! Then you ask them to sign up sponsors who will donate money to a cause of your choice. This is great because it promotes your studio, pushes your kids to work harder, and makes you feel good for helping out a charity!

My yoga studio is using, which sets up a profile page for each participant and allows donations to be paid online. Easy peasy! Here is a my page if you want to get an idea:

If you were to do something like this for your studio, what kind of challenge would you try?

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