Studio Field Trip

Conductors003Have you ever done a field trip with your studio? I’m attempting one — sort of.

Each year, our local symphony holds a children’s symphony — a free, interactive performance that plays lots of kid-friendly songs…and lasts under an hour.

While I’m not exactly organizing and transporting the 30 students in my studio to the event (I can barely keep track of my own two kids), I am encouraging everyone to attend and providing supplementary material at music classes and for parents. Here’s what I’m doing for students enrolled in piano lessons at my studio:

1. Sending an e-mail with an encouragement for families to attend this event, and links to the website where they can reserve their free tickets.

2. Providing parents with a “symphony scavenger hunt” to take to the event. (You can download the free printable for this on my personal blog if you’re interested.)

3. Introducing the composers of the music that they will be hearing at the symphony.

4. Teaching students about the symphony — discussing the instrument families (woodwinds, brass, etc.), the job of a conductor and etiquette while attending a live musical performance.

5. Following up after the performance with questions about what the students heard. What instruments did they see? How did the music make them feel? Did they have a favorite instrument? Did they have a favorite piece?

I truly believe that when I encourage my students and their families to attend musical performances, it helps them to see the relevance of what they are learning and motivates them to continue to work hard and keep at it!


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