What Are You Offering At Your Studio?

What Are You Offering At Your Studio?

First piano lessonSummer is the time when many families begin to consider what activities they will be enrolling their children in for the fall. Potential clients will be calling and e-mailing, checking out your website, and asking for word-of-mouth referrals.


Now is the time you’ll want to make sure that you are communicating to families what YOU have to offer.Here are some things you will want to think through when it comes to selling yourself — and telling others what sets your studio apart.

1. Your credentials. Do you have a degree in your field? Do you participate in ongoing education? Have you been running a studio for years on end?


2. Your facility. Do you have a state-of-the-art instrument that your students will have the chance to play each week? Is the quality of the floor in your dance room second-to-none? Is your studio colorful, stimulating and filled with lots of hands-on ways for students to learn?


3. Performance opportunities. Do you offer many opportunities for recitals? Do students get to play in masterclasses? Are students able to compete or play for peers?


4. Variety. Do you offer many different media for learning? Will students learn a variety of genres and be exposed to many styles when they enroll in lessons at your studio?


5. Special expertise. Do you work really well with a particular niche? Do you have training or experience working with children who have special needs? Do you work really well with beginners or advanced students?


6. Value. Do you offer payment plans for students who can’t pay for the entire semester up front? Do you have referral specials? Do you provide discounts for siblings?


Considering what makes your studio “special” will help you communicate effectively through your advertising, and give you opportunity to provide your families with the very best of what you have to offer.

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