You Should Have a YouTube Channel

You Should Have a YouTube Channel

We all have a bag of lessons we tend to teach every single student at one point in their lessons. For example, all of my students learn the C Major Scale in the first lesson, everyone eventually learns an Improvisation exercise, etcetera, etcetera. After a few too many occasions of students forgetting how to do what I showed them, I realized, I should have a YouTube channel. That way, as soon as I finish my lesson, I can send them a link to the video in my Music Teacher’s Helper Lesson Notes. So far it’s been great!

Students love being able to see the videos while they practice. It’s like having me there with them throughout the week. Here is an example of one of my videos:

As you can see, I give a little introduction in the beginning. That’s optional, but I find it’s nice to personalize the videos. It makes it feel like they’re getting an extra lesson with me. To record your piano from the above angle, I had to put the tripod between my legs, thus making it only possible to record one hand. If you have an iPhone, the tripod attachments are able to bend at an angle. I find this easier to use than my camcorder. Here is the tripod attachment I use with my iPhone:


Overall, my students have been really happy to have this as an option throughout the week, and I feel it sets me apart from other teachers. Do you have a YouTube channel already? If so, what are some tips you can share for making it great? Are you interested, but haven’t tried it yet? What is stopping you? I look forward to reading your comments!


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