DokBrass, a Hip Hop Superhero

DokBrass, a Hip Hop Superhero

Sampling and hip hop has gone a long way since it was first implemented in music in the 80s, and now in a way, there is so much you can do with it mixing several genres into one great piece of music. One way of doing this is through finger drumming, and there is one person who is really good at it.

DokBrass is a hip hop artist that focuses on finger drumming. First of all, what is finger drumming? Well it’s a combination between the performer’s sense of rhythm, composition and precision and, the wide range of possibilities that technology offers through pad controllers which allows the musician to use any sound he wants and feel like there is freedom through technique, rather than just step sequencing.

The way he got into music, was actually through videogames which is now a common thing because of how much attention goes into developing videogames and their soundtracks.

This is the approach that DokBrass has with music, however he didn’t start with all these new technology instruments, but rather a very traditional approach to music by learning how to play the clarinet by fourth grade.

Hip Hop

His love for music eventually shifted into rock and roll, jazz, and then hip hop which was presented to him as an incredible new world full of possibilities.

He says:

The reason for hip-hop specifically takes form as I became more comfortable with who I am as a person, you know I was not a cool young kid, I was a nerd, I got bullied heavily, it’s a big part of the reason why I have the narrative that I do now and so to me hip hop is one of those things that ended up saving my life.

Hip hop is a lot more than just its music, it’s a cultural movement that began around the 70s and revolved around art with graffiti, dancing and of course music.

But one of the interesting aspects of Hip hop, was that it became an alternative to violence, an artistic outlet that gave its context the potential for one of the biggest creative booms in history.

There are just so many things about hip hop as a culture that I was able to find attachment with, and because it’s focused around overcoming adversity and not about being violent but being talented.

Talent and Opportunity

One of the most important things for DokBrass is the opportunity to do some good with the talent that you have, despite the adversities of financial issues or the place that you’re in, everyone deserves a chance at doing what they love and being recognized for it, in this case music.

You don’t need to have a lot of money to do good, and if you have more money then you still don’t need a lot of money to live, and everyone should do their part to really make sure that everyone has the same opportunity because we just can, and therefore should do better.

Music should always be about connecting with other people, since it’s no secret that it works as a special kind of universal language. DokBrass believes in this ideal and takes the opportunity to help people through his music.

It’s just who I am, but I do find that the music is a by product of what I’m doing with the dok brass mission which is again to make a difference in the life of others who are not given the same opportunity or don’t have the same things that other people just have because of where they were lucky enough to be born by and because we can and we should do better I just followed that philosophy into my work.

He is a hip hop superhero and a great new musician. Remember, we can and should do better.

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