More Than Music Lessons

More Than Music Lessons

By Julia Kossuth

One of the blessings of teaching is the impact you get to make on each individual student’s life. Often times, a lesson isn’t about musical progress so much as it’s about helping that child wherever they are at in life at the moment.

happy faceFrom behavioral problems to problems at school, from celebrating achievements and events to getting to know what’s on a student’s heart, a lesson provides a wonderful opportunity to impact each student with your knowledge and love for them.

Some students might not receive compliments at home the way you can give them in a lesson. Others might be looking forward to their lesson as the highlight of their week. Still others might desperately want to not be in a lesson. Each of these receives a reserved amount of time that you’ve carved out for them.

What an opportunity it is to impress upon the child struggling in behavior or school that he can do well, and that you’re so proud of him when he does do well! How special to have a student you see two hours a month come into a lesson and confide a problem that you can help them with or encourage them about.

Often times a music lesson isn’t just a music lesson. It’s a chance to leave an imprint on a person’s day and influence them for the better. What ways have you been able to help a student in a non-musical way?


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