How to Find the Best Teachers for Your Studio

How to Find the Best Teachers for Your Studio

Having a good successful studio is not a one person job, it often relies on teamwork and great teachers that become the great pillars of a studio.

However in order to get the teachers that are best suited to a specific studio, they have to be found and interviewed just like any other job.

First of all you have to ask yourself, why do you need more teachers? are you getting started with your studio? did you realize that you have more students than you can handle? or maybe you are replacing another teacher. All of these are things that may affect your judgment when the time comes of choosing a new teacher for your studio.

Once you decide, you have to find those candidates.

Where to find teachers?

There are many ways to find candidates for the job but some are more recommended than others, for example.

There are two ways you can get new teachers, either they reach out to you, or you find them. Either way you’ll have to interview them to truly test them.

But there is a higher chance of finding good teachers in some places than others.


There are many valuable teachers out there that are looking for work as freelancers, even more since last year we were all at home.

Platforms such as Upwork, and Fiverr are all places where you may find good teachers to work with, although it may be a bit difficult when it comes to going beyond video calls and long distance work. The good thing is that there are no boundaries.

Social Media and Email

The internet is one of the main sources of work nowadays, so it’s no wonder that this will help you find new teachers for your studio.

If you still don’t have a social media page, whether it’s facebook, twitter or instagram, you should consider having one. Just letting your followers know that you are looking for teachers will bring a few interested in your DMs.

You can also have them write to your email, and ask them to write why they would like to work in your studio. This is a great way to have new applicants.

Word of Mouth

Many times, knowing the right person may just take you to the teacher you’ve been looking for.

Getting to know people can work as a way of getting recommendations, this can include friends, colleagues and even family, it’s just a matter of letting them know that you are in the lookout for new teachers.

Interviews and What to Ask?

This type of work is one that is a lot about doing well with others, both adults and children. This makes the interview a very important part of finding good teachers and making sure that they are the right ones for the job.

One of the first questions should always be ¿Why did you decide to become a teacher? By asking this, you get quite a bit of information, as the answer branches out to where they come from, why teaching and not something else, and how they got to where they are.

Then ask about how that person would interact with students in terms of empathy and how the teacher would deal with a student that is being disruptive.

It’s also good to know about his or her personal growth. A teacher is also a student in the sense that they keep studying to keep each class fresh and engaging. On a side note, teachers tend to lean towards learning new things, so it’s a good thing to ask to get a feel of their passion.

After all that’s happened in 2020, it would be good to ask ¿Do you get along with online lessons and virtual platforms? This wasn’t as important before as it is now, but since we’ve discovered the potential in online lessons, it’s good to know a bit more about that side.

Teachers Creativity

A big part of being a teacher is having a very lively creative side. Most of the studios like yoga, martial arts studios deal with very different students and having them in the same place (or video call) can be a challenge.

That’s why finding someone that manages to make dynamics that can be applied to anyone, and engage in different creative ways, is one of the most important things in this line of work.

Work Well With Other Teachers

Yes, being a teacher is about teaching students, but it’s also about constantly exchanging ideas and sharing with other teachers.

The reason why this is such an important aspect to consider is that in some jobs you would just talk about co-workers, but others like working in the same studio can lead to an array of scenarios.

One of the most important aspects is being competitive which can be very useful and healthy, but it has to be tempered so that it’s not taken too far.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

We hope this can help you get a few ideas on how to get started in the journey of getting your team of teachers together.

Just remember to take your time and find the right ones for the job.




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