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Being a teacher or a studio manager (or both) certainly takes a lot of your time. It can feel like more than you can handle, but this could be due to bad organization or lack of proper scheduling. Picture a room, if you have a very messy and disorganized room it will feel as if there were too many things lying around when it's actually just...

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While it's getting more common to use the internet as a way to connect with students in many areas, it can still be a bit strange for teachers that are not used to doing online sessions, even more so if it's a music lesson, due to the fact that there is a lot of techniques and sounds to deal with. There are a few things to...

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Previously, I wrote about how to use time effectively while teaching a lesson in Self-Help Pedagogy: Part 2. In this month’s blog, I will address the topic of how to make the best use of our most precious commodity as studio business owners – Time. Time is very valuable; once it is used, it is gone forever. We can’t ever get it back. In today’s world, time moves very fast. As one student parent said upon returning after summer break, “I blinked and summer was over.”

Therefore, it is in our best interests to use time wisely. I must admit as I sit here writing at the last minute that I am no expert on time management! However, after doing some research, I have come up with my top ten list of the best tips on time management.

10. Stay healthy. Take care of yourself – exercise, eat healthy and often to stave off hunger and keep blood sugar levels stable. Stay hydrated and get 6 – 8 hours of sleep every night. Remember to breathe, slow down, and take breaks.