Avoiding the Summer Slump

Avoiding the Summer Slump

Summer SunJune is almost here, and if you’re like me, you’re excited about the warmer weather but also filled with a bit of dread…

Because the summer months mean that those nice, consistent checks rolling in at the first of each month for piano lessons begin to dwindle.  Students are busy traveling, enjoying time at home and outdoors, and they are ready for a break!

While I do think some “downtime” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the regression that comes when students take too much time off can be extremely frustrating and detrimental. And it can be difficult as a studio owner to have your income dwindle so significantly for three months of the year.

Here are some ways to avoid a summer slump – both in your students, and your wallet:


  • Require a minimum number of summer lessons. If a student wants to maintain a spot with you come September, require 1-2 lessons per month to hold that spot.
  • Offer summer workshops. Perhaps you can offer one day a month to a small group of students, dedicating it to the topic of composition or improvisation. A longer chunk of time in a workshop setting allows you to “dig deep” on some of these topics, and brings in some potential earning and perhaps even new customers.
  • Offer summer camps. These are a lot of work, but so much fun — and parents love them!
  • Provide musical “field trip” opportunities. Perhaps you have a nice outdoor venue that provides live music during the summer months. Allow parents to drop off their students with you to attend the event, and then lead a small group discussion afterwards to help them understand the relevance of the event to what they are learning at your studio.
  • Consider summer incentives. Perhaps a contest or an end-of-the-summer ice cream social for students who attend a certain number of lessons and practice a certain number of days will help motivate students during a time when they have other activities luring them away from their music education!
  • Teach fun music! Every summer, I pick up some pop repertoire book, and students have the chance to learn songs from Star Wars, Disney musicals and Broadway shows. It gives them an opportunity to learn something a little bit different, and is something they look forward to as the summer months approach.

From my studio to yours, wishing you a wonderful summer!

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