It’s Never Too Late To learn An Instrument

It’s Never Too Late To learn An Instrument

One of the most common misconceptions about music education is that you can’t learn how to play an instrument as an adult. While it can be a bit more difficult, it’s not impossible at all, it’s actually a very good idea, because many people want to get into music at a later time in their lives.

There are some things that make wanting to learn an instrument as an adult kind of intimidating, this includes, time, a lack of that learning spark we all have when we are young or even what other people may say.

In order to get a confidence boost to hop into learning an instrument, here are a few musical instruments that are quite easy to get into.


Of course the piano has so much depth in terms of sound and potential but there are two main reasons as to why it’s an instrument that’s is actually easy to learn. First of all, if you have no prior knowledge of music, the keys of a piano makes it easir for a beginner to structure musi

It’s a case of easy to learn but hard to master but it’s one of the most satisfiying musical instruments to learn.

There is also the option to purchase a keyboard, which is a lot more accesible than a piano. This however comes with the fact that every keyboard has its strengths and weaknesess, so depending on the approach you’re looking for.

Aside from the sound there is also the keys on the keyboard. What this means is that some keyboards have weight on their keys just like a piano does, but some don’t. This may not seem like much but the feel of the instrument is important so imagine being a beginner and starting piano classes, you buy a keyboard and it feels different, but you have more time with the keyboard than the piano, and everytime you play piano you mess up and you don’t know why.

In conclusion it’s a small but important thing, even more so as a beginner.


The ukelele it’s a good option to get into the strings side of the musical instruments, due to the fact that it has that strumming easy to go part from the guitar, but it’s actually way easier because of it having only four strings instead of four. You could argue that the bass also hass four strings, but when it comes to the bass, there is a more rigorous way of playing in terms of rythm. It’s also not as “free” as the guitar or ukelele, melodically speaking, and for someone that is just picking up an instrument for the first time, pressing a bass string it’s a lot harder than pressing a ukelele string, so there is that minor detail.


The harmonica has many things in favor as an easy instrument to learn. First of all it’s quite small, so there are no limitations as to where you could practice.

This is an instrument that almost always sounds good, sure if you are just playing it like crazy it may sound just like that, but it’s not hard to start from zero and get some easy tunes.

It is important however to have in mind that there are different types of harmonicas and depending on what type of music you like, there is a specific type of harmonica for it. It’s not hard to do the research and you can even ask before buying, it’s all about exploring what fits you.

Of course that in the end any instrument is an option, no one should be forced to choose one instrument or the other just because it’s easier to learn, however it’s good to have some ideas of what some of these instruments offer when it comes to the first approach.

Arturo Riera
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