happy faceOne of the things that I think is so important as a music teacher, is to understand the end goal of the majority of our students. Most parents don’t enroll their students in lessons because they think they have the next Mozart on their hands (though you may end up having a few concert pianists in your bunch!) — they enroll them in lessons for the many benefits of learning a musical instrument, not the least of which is a richer and fuller life.

Keeping this in mind, it is important to inspire our students and help foster a love and appreciation for music. In order to do this, it’s vital to create a positive studio atmosphere. While you may have students who dread practicing (don’t we all?!), we want them to look forward to their time in the studio and be proud of what they accomplished.

The only money I spend on marketing my studio each year is for new business cards. For less than $50, I can spread the word about my services far and wide, and also allow others to easily do the same. I have found business cards to be way more effective than print ads, online ads, fliers, and just about every other marketing method out there. I...

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By Kate Powell As musicians and artists, it is important to be philanthropically involved in our immediate community (or global community) and use either our talents or other resources to help those less fortunate around us. Art is a soul language and it is fitting that those who practice it will invest in the “soul food” of the surrounding community. The good karma can only be...

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Does your studio have a Facebook page? It seems as though nearly every business these days has one. When I am checking out different businesses — whether it’s a summer camp I want to enroll my daughter in or a new coffee shop in town — I often check out the business’ Facebook page. Checking out a Facebook page helps me get a real “feel” for a place or activity to know whether or not it’s something I want to invest my time and money in. When choosing an activity or camp for my daughter, I can often tell by the Facebook page if the business is active and thriving by whether or not they are posting events, photos and information.

What does your studio’s Facebook page say about your studio? Are you letting your community know that you are an active studio with a lot to offer? Remember that maintaining a Facebook page doesn’t cost a thing!  Free advertising!

Since the very beginning, my studio’s target population has been school-aged children and teens. We offer voice, piano, and guitar lessons as well as music therapy, and have been very fortunate to fill every available time slot and maintain a sizable waiting list.

But as I’ve mentioned before, I always like to set challenges for myself and for my business. I have found that summer is a good time to try new things, so this month my studio launched two early childhood music classes.

It’s always a bit scary to go out on a limb, especially when that means marketing to a brand new demographic — babies and toddlers. We kept our marketing plan quite simple, advertising via social media and email only (no print ads or fliers).