Holidays at the Studios of Sarah Strout

Holidays at the Studios of Sarah Strout

By Julia Kossuth

As Thanksgiving has just passed and Christmas quickly approaches, we are enjoying the wonderful sounds of Christmas carols during almost every lesson here at christmasthe Studios of Sarah Strout. We are preparing for our Christmas recital coming up mid-December, where we will be sharing the sounds of Christmas at a local nursing home.

We will gather there to share music with the residents and our families, and after our carols have finished we will hand out homemade Christmas cards to each resident (credit monette). This is such a great way for the kids to serve others at Christmastime, as well as perform the music they’ve been working so hard on.

I’m excited to hear the performances of my more advanced students, all the way down to playing duets with my smallest kiddos as they share joy with all those at our recital.

What are some of the ways your studio celebrates the holidays? Any studio traditions or unique plans?

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