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by Jennene Estes I happen to love holiday and Christmas music, and it is not just that the melodies are so classic and they conjure up wonderful old memories of enjoyable times growing up with my family and church in a rural Virginia farming community. What I’ve discovered as a piano teacher is the power of one of those old melodies to actually change a young...

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By Julia Kossuth As the school year continues to fly by, here at the Studios of Sarah Strout we've begun to think about our Christmas recital in mid-December. What a great opportunity to enjoy the holiday season, share music with others, and get a chance to perform! As we usually do, we will be performing at a local nursing home for our Christmas recital. Along with...

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holiday media opportunitiesThis time of year is always a bit frenzied, trying to fit everything in before the winter break begins at the end of December. But despite my already busy schedule, I always make time for the plethora of publicity opportunities that come up in my community.

These opportunities vary as far as the amount of time involved, the potential exposure, and the nature of the event or commitment, but I look at each as a chance to grow my studio while at the same time increasing my local presence as a small business.

Here are just a few of the opportunities I take advantage of each year; hopefully this list will generate some ideas for how you can do the same in your community.

By Julia Kossuth As Thanksgiving has just passed and Christmas quickly approaches, we are enjoying the wonderful sounds of Christmas carols during almost every lesson here at the Studios of Sarah Strout. We are preparing for our Christmas recital coming up mid-December, where we will be sharing the sounds of Christmas at a local nursing home. We will gather there to share music with the residents and...

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