Looking to Christmas

Looking to Christmas

By Julia Kossuth

As the school year continues to fly by, here at the Studios of Sarah Strout we’ve begun to think about our Christmas recital in mid-December. What a great opportunity to enjoy the holiday season, share music with others, and get a chance to perform! As we usually do, we will be performing at a local nursing home for our Christmas recital. Along with playing our Christmas carols for the residents, we also are planning on going caroling throughout the halls after our recital!

holidaysThis is also a wonderful time for teachers to collaborate and make music together. Our hope is that not only teachers ensemble, but also students within our studio.

Another thing I love about this time of year is the chance to break from the routine of lessons that’s been established and bring in Christmas music. Not only does this help avoid any monotony in the school year of lessons, but it is so festive to learn Christmas music! We so enjoy incorporating educational but holiday-themed extras in the Studios of Sarah Strout.

What are some ways you bring the holiday spirit into your studios as that time approaches? Are there any traditions your students particularly enjoy?


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