Summertime Advertising

farmers marketYou’ve finished your last lessons of the school year, thrown together a final recital and are ready to take a breather from all things studio-related. Rest and rejuvenation are important for studio owners, but don’t put your studio work on the shelf for too long — summer is a great time for advertisement and provides many opportunities to get your studio name into the community.

Here are just a few reasons the summer is a good time to advertise:

  • Parents have completed many activities from the previous school year and are beginning to think about what extra-curriculars they wish to enroll their child in for the fall.
  • As students move, graduate or decide to pursue another activity — you may lose some of your currently enrolled students at the end of the school year and need to replace their spots to maintain your current income.
  • Getting your name into the community during the summer helps current families along with your community see you as an active studio owner.

Here are some ideas for advertising during the summer months:

  • Conduct a summer camp at your studio. You will be able to earn additional income, provide study for current customers and build a potential customer list for the regular school year.
  • Hold a recital at a community event. Does your farmer’s market have a stage? Choreograph a few numbers for students to perform. Ask your local coffee shop if you can bring in a digital keyboard and have students perform some of their favorite piano selections.
  • Pass out studio flyers at community events — outdoor concerts, farmer’s markets, parades, etc.
  • Set up a booth for your studio at the fair, farmer’s market, art show or summer festival. Pass out coupons and brochures for fall classes/lessons.


Have you found summertime to be a particularly great time for advertising your studio? What ways have you advertised that have been successful?



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