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Being a teacher or a studio manager (or both) certainly takes a lot of your time. It can feel like more than you can handle, but this could be due to bad organization or lack of proper scheduling. Picture a room, if you have a very messy and disorganized room it will feel as if there were too many things lying around when it's actually just...

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Give Yourself the Gift of Regularly Scheduled Practice Time by Alyssa Cowell, The Catoctin School of Music Self-care awareness is currently at an all-time high. It seems like every other article floating across my dashboard pertains to developing strategies to give your mind a rest, to practice personal-care rituals geared toward stress relief, or to embrace a quiet moment of reflection. This Valentine’s day let’s jump on the self-care bandwagon and...

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As young musicians, our tendency for practicing is to pick up our instrument and just go, essentially just hoping for the best. There is some progress you’ll see over a long period of that style of practicing but, ultimately, it is just shy of a waste of time. When you put a little time into organizing your practice session and understanding what you want to achieve, you’ll get more done...

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Ready. Set. Go! It’s that time of year. For me, there is only one more week until lessons resume. If you haven’t done so already, you, like me, are probably in the middle of scheduling all of your lesson times for the fall. I dread this time of year. Even though I take the month of August off, it is always a monumental task to find the perfect time for each and every student. The problem is that most of the time I spend way too much time worrying and stressing about it rather than just getting it done! I would rather be out enjoying the last rays of summer, but my fun is spoiled with all that is left undone.

farmers marketYou’ve finished your last lessons of the school year, thrown together a final recital and are ready to take a breather from all things studio-related. Rest and rejuvenation are important for studio owners, but don’t put your studio work on the shelf for too long — summer is a great time for advertisement and provides many opportunities to get your studio name into the community.

Here are just a few reasons the summer is a good time to advertise:

  • Parents have completed many activities from the previous school year and are beginning to think about what extra-curriculars they wish to enroll their child in for the fall.
  • As students move, graduate or decide to pursue another activity — you may lose some of your currently enrolled students at the end of the school year and need to replace their spots to maintain your current income.
  • Getting your name into the community during the summer helps current families along with your community see you as an active studio owner.