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You can now embed your StudioHelper calendar on your own website so parents or potential clients can view lessons and lesson schedule, this makes it much more convenient for you and your clients. To place this on your website, please guidelines below. - Login to your StudioHelper account - Go to Settings - Go to Remote Access > Remote Access - Copy the code under...

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Studio Helper and MTH have created a way to migrate info from MTH to SH for those studios wanting/needing a bigger program. This will include people, calendar events and financials. Below are steps on how to get everything migrated into SH. 1. Go to Settings>Import>Import from MTH 2. You will be routed to a page where you need to enter your MTH Username and Password. 3. When the student...

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farmers marketYou’ve finished your last lessons of the school year, thrown together a final recital and are ready to take a breather from all things studio-related. Rest and rejuvenation are important for studio owners, but don’t put your studio work on the shelf for too long — summer is a great time for advertisement and provides many opportunities to get your studio name into the community.

Here are just a few reasons the summer is a good time to advertise:

  • Parents have completed many activities from the previous school year and are beginning to think about what extra-curriculars they wish to enroll their child in for the fall.
  • As students move, graduate or decide to pursue another activity — you may lose some of your currently enrolled students at the end of the school year and need to replace their spots to maintain your current income.
  • Getting your name into the community during the summer helps current families along with your community see you as an active studio owner.

We appreciate your continued use of Studio Helper services, and want to assure you that your satisfaction is our highest priority. Recently, implemented a policy change on their email servers that immediately affects not only all Yahoo email users, but also third party email servers such as Studio Helper. Yahoo has changed a single setting on their email servers that prevents SH and similar list servers from sending an...

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summercampThis year I will be offering my third summer camp at my studio. The past two years, my camps have been small. I’ve only opened camp up to current students already taking from my studio — more as an encouragement to keep them learning during the summer months. I would see six students at a time in my group studio at my house, offering 1.5 hour camps throughout the day for students.

This year, I’m going full throttle, offering a half day camp for the entire community. I’m renting a venue, hiring helpers and advertising. I’m nervous, but I’m also super excited. Here are some things I’ve had to spend the last few months thinking through in order to plan my summer camp: