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Studio Helper has implemented the former status as requested by the Studios. It has come to our attention that the use of this status needs more clarification. The intent of former student usage is to move students that are no longer attending your studio so that you will not be charged for them. They have un-enrolled from your program with no current intention of taking new...

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NEW FEATURE Studio Helper now will offer Webinars. You will see a tab that says Webinars on your toolbar. You can register through that tab. The first webinar will be held July 19th at 10 am CST. This first webinar will be about Setting Up Your Studio. If interested, please register. You will receive a confirmation email and Cathy Conrad will send you separate details via...

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iphoneI have long wanted to purchase recording equipment for my studio, but it has always been cost prohibitive. I have recently realized that I don’t need fancy recording equipment for some of the things that I’ve been hoping to do with my students.

I may be the last person in this country to purchase a smart phone, but a few months ago I took the plunge and bought an iPhone. The built-in video camera in the phone makes it easy for me to use a bit of recording as a teaching tool for my students.

First, allow me to apologize for the delay in getting the invoicing issues completed. However, we have narrowed down the problem with recurring invoices and as such we need to rework the invoicing model. Until that is fixed, please do not edit recurring invoices. This includes adding a new student to the list, changing a package or changing the start date. Instead, create a new...

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clownI’ve often blogged ideas and advice for growing your studio, and in the past few years I’ve managed to triple my load of piano students.

You may find it odd that this spring, I’ve actually decided to let go of my private lesson students and move solely to group lesson teaching. Yup — I’m downsizing.

It was a difficult decision because I’ve been teaching private lessons for longer and built a close relationships with my students and their families, but we recently welcomed home our second child through adoption, and it has become clear to me that I need to be at home more to meet the needs of my own children.

And so begins the awkward process of letting go of students.