Studio PartnershipA couple months ago, I wrote about the fact that my studio has outgrown its current space. My partner and I have been searching for the perfect location for a while now, and recently hit the jackpot.

Over the years we have cultivated our relationship with a local music store: we’ve sent our students there to purchase music, equipment and instruments, we’ve shopped there ourselves, and we have become friendly with the managers and employees. When I was in buying piano books this winter, I happened to mention that we were looking for a new studio space…and I’m so glad I did.

Outgrowing My StudioEvery year it seems that I blog about a big change happening in my studio: renovating, hiring another teacher, taking the summer off to have a baby…and now, moving to a bigger location!

My studio has grown from being a traveling one (where I went to my student’s homes), to a small one-room space in my house, to another part of my home which includes a separate entrance, waiting room, and restroom in addition to the studio.

That has worked very well for me and my students over the last three years, but I’m at the point where I need a studio that is not located at my home. Exciting? Yes. Scary? Definitely. So why make the move when at this point in time, I have virtually no overhead costs?

By Julia Kossuth As Thanksgiving has just passed and Christmas quickly approaches, we are enjoying the wonderful sounds of Christmas carols during almost every lesson here at the Studios of Sarah Strout. We are preparing for our Christmas recital coming up mid-December, where we will be sharing the sounds of Christmas at a local nursing home. We will gather there to share music with the residents and...

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By Wayne Estes I must admit I like technology and I love using it to support each student’s learning & growth. It can give teachers an edge in lessons and it can keep things current and savvy while keeping an eye on the perfection of each student’s craft. Here at our studios/CSM we leverage all sorts of technologies to bring new and exciting ideas to each...

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By Meridith Johnson As teachers, studio owners and managers and people on planet earth, it seems like there is a constant to-do list.  Seasons change, jobs change, people move and our live seem to be in a constant flux. Our studio has gown greatly in the number of students we’ve had, and we’ve expanded our capacity at our studio to reach to providing in-home lessons.  We have...

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