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masterclassSpring in my studio means that it’s time for my local association’s annual Spring Festival, an event we hold for teachers and students. We bring in a local/regional teacher at the university level who conducts teacher workshops, and also holds masterclasses for our students.


Even though the majority of my students have only had 2-3 years of piano (I teach group classes and move students to private teachers once they reach the intermediate level), I strongly encourage even my beginning students to participate in these classes. While the name itself — “masterclass” — and the idea of playing for another teacher can be intimidating, there are many benefits to be gained:

music workshopAs a piano teacher, the bulk of my job is offering weekly lessons to my students. But if I stopped at that, I wouldn’t be setting my studio apart in my community or creating a wholistic learning experience for students of my studio.

Yes, learning technique, repertoire and theory on a weekly basis is of the utmost important. But I also need to provide my students with opportunities to perform, compete, create and engage with other music students and music professionals and in doing so, expose them to a variety of things within my scope. This creates well-rounded, motivated students and lets my students, their families and the community know that I am an active and thriving studio.

Here are some suggestions for things we can offer to our students that go above and beyond weekly lessons:

By Julia Kossuth One of the blessings of teaching is the impact you get to make on each individual student's life. Often times, a lesson isn't about musical progress so much as it's about helping that child wherever they are at in life at the moment. From behavioral problems to problems at school, from celebrating achievements and events to getting to know what's on a student's heart,...

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By Julia Kossuth Often in playing the piano, it is so easy to drift into less-than-healthy habits of playing and posture. Especially with my older students, I try to help them think through and mentally engage with what their body is doing while they play beyond just getting the music learned. The first thing I remind my students to do is to make sure their bench is...

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By Julia Kossuth Although I give mainly elementary school kids piano lessons, I'm always excited when an adult student would like to start piano lessons. Whether they are brand new to playing or rusty after years away from the piano, working with an adult is so much fun and adds nice variety to any studio. Because our adults are busy and often can't commit to a lesson...

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