Program Development

One of the things I love about being in a local music teachers association is the access to different events for students at my studio. Whether it’s a master class or a workshop, students are provided with lots of opportunities, thanks to the ideas, work and expertise of colleagues in my profession.

Several times a year, our group rents the recital hall at our university and hosts collaborative recitals. Students have opportunity to play on an absolutely incredible Steinway piano in a fabulous venue, a unique treat for them and their families.

Are you a member of a local teaching association, or do you have colleagues with whom you might consider hosting such a recital? Here’s why I think collaborative recitals are so great:

By Jamey Mann A commonly over looked aspect of learning an instrument is performing. Often new students will feel insecure about their playing, feel like they are never ready, may be prone to stage fright, or some teachers may not offer their students performance opportunities. Lack of performing can be detrimental to learning an instrument because it takes away one of the main goals of making...

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masterclassSpring in my studio means that it’s time for my local association’s annual Spring Festival, an event we hold for teachers and students. We bring in a local/regional teacher at the university level who conducts teacher workshops, and also holds masterclasses for our students.


Even though the majority of my students have only had 2-3 years of piano (I teach group classes and move students to private teachers once they reach the intermediate level), I strongly encourage even my beginning students to participate in these classes. While the name itself — “masterclass” — and the idea of playing for another teacher can be intimidating, there are many benefits to be gained:

By Wayne Estes Do your students get frustrated when they practice to a metronome? Years ago, when I first began teaching some part-time lessons to friend’s kids I did not have a home or studio to teach in, so I taught in each students home, driving from house to house. This gave me a bunch of great experience in seeing the family dynamic and it created some...

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By Alyssa Cowell Music lessons are a valuable tool for developing growing minds, honing fine motor skills, finding a creative outlet for self-expression, and a myriad other personal benefits for young and old alike. Families who sign up for music lessons are making an investment in their child’s education, and should make sure they are getting the most out of that investment:   Music Theory as a part...

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