By Eric Nanz For many church goers the style of music that is played in worship has a major impact on why they attend the church they do. After all, singing in corporate worship is one of the most enriching parts of going to church. It feeds the soul, teaches us theology and places us in a state of mind that allows the Holy Spirit to...

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lazyIs it just me, or do students seriously start lacking some motivation during the winter months? The “newness” of the year has worn off, holiday recitals are behind them, and the end-of-the-year spring recital is too far in the distance to really care much.

It’s frustrating for teachers.

So how do we as studio owners motivate our students and keep them moving forward instead of getting stuck in a rut? Here’s a few ideas:

  • Plan a winter event. It can be something informal and more laid-back, but still give your students something to work towards. Ask a local coffee shop if you can bring in a digital piano and have some students play their favorite pieces one evening, or talk to the library about having your dance students perform a number in the children’s section.

By Julia Kossuth As we've begun the spring semester and gotten back into the swing of music lessons post-break, I've noticed a few practicing habits--or lack thereof--that I want to address with my students. Here are a few of the tips I walk them through during their lesson or have as a handout for them. 1. Some of my students have a set time that they practice...

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By Alyssa Cowell This is about the time of year that the local Middle and High schools hold auditions for the big spring musical. Every year, there are students who are nervously considering auditioning for the first time, and have no idea what to expect. While every director has their particular way of auditioning prospective students, there are definitely some audition practices that can ensure a...

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Conductors003Have you ever done a field trip with your studio? I’m attempting one — sort of.

Each year, our local symphony holds a children’s symphony — a free, interactive performance that plays lots of kid-friendly songs…and lasts under an hour.

While I’m not exactly organizing and transporting the 30 students in my studio to the event (I can barely keep track of my own two kids), I am encouraging everyone to attend and providing supplementary material at music classes and for parents. Here’s what I’m doing for students enrolled in piano lessons at my studio: