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Here is a list of the latest features and updates in Studio Helper. Thank you for using Studio Helper, and for your great feedback. New Features: The Family Accounts Report now has an option to filter the report to show only "Active" students. Former teachers are no longer listed in the calendar list. Added Vietnam Dong currency symbol option. Bug Fixes: Some studios were having trouble sending Event Reminders manually. This...

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Notes on PianoSometimes a studio, its teachers, students, and visitors, could use some food for thought, some inspiration.  In this article you might find some material to pass along to a teacher or some students, or even a quote to post on your bulletin board.

Nearly 20 years ago, a grateful student gave me Ernst Bacon’s book Notes on the Piano.  I don’t teach or perform piano, but she assured me it was worth reading anyway.

She was right.  It’s an amazingly thought-provoking book for musicians and music teachers.  Ernst Bacon (1898-1990) was an American composer and pianist.  Below, I have selected a number of quotes that might be of interest to you.  There is more discussion of each in the book, and also many more topics and ideas.  I heartily recommend the book itself.  Here’s a link to getting a used copy via Amazon.

The book begins with the author’s suggestion that the book is “to be nibbled” – opened and read here and there and anywhere.  Here are some snippets allowing you to do just that.

Feature: In the People List, you can now click the "Status" column to sort by status (Active, Former, etc.). Feature: We have improved the Billing Statement format to be more readable. It also now shows account credits, if any. Feature: You can now choose to send statements to only those who have an outstanding balance Note: Removed Feedback boxes on student/parent/teacher accounts. BugFix: The Invoices/Payments report was not showing...

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Grow your studio by building a team — keep in touch with your teachers!  Teachers are the heart of your studioteam; you want them engaged and happy.  After all, they are the ones who bring their energy to the students.

You may be a teacher yourself, but in your role as studio manager, you are in a position of leadership, and set the tone for your studio.  Keeping in touch with your teachers, and responsive to them, sets an example that makes them feel more engaged in the studio, and in turn, they will pass that positive feeling about your studio along to their students.

Let’s discuss ways to be involved with teachers without being intrusive.  Each idea has its opportunities and challenges — staff meetings, studio-wide events, benefits, thank-yous, and other communications.

Happy New Year! We hope your studio is off to a great new start for 2011! Now is the perfect time to review how you’re doing in your business, and your goals for the coming year. If you use Studio Helper to manage your studio, you know how helpful it is to have your business contacts, schedules, and finances organized all in one place. If...

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