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booksI find that often times I’ll pick up business books from the store looking for inspiration and they just end up sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Sound familiar? Sometimes it’s because I get excited about a new topic, ie. Social Media which warranted me purchasing not one but five social media marketing books! Needless to say I barely got through one and skimmed a couple others. I realized that as with any other task I hope to achieve associated with my business (Brooklyn Music Factory) I need to actually set aside the time to accomplish them. Books somehow felt different, but of course, they are not. They require time during my workday if they are in fact a priority. So, that is what has changed as of late. I now set aside some reading time a couple times during the week and, low and behold, I am starting to pull new books off that dusty shelf! This entry marks the first of a series on business books that I have discovered to be chock full of useful info. And how I see that info affecting my business operation.

"what are the goals of YOUR program"? Have you thought about why you teach and what you hope to see for your students? Are you a professional training program? Do you have a speciality, a preferred age range, a required time/class commitment? Have you communicated your goals effectively in your program or school? Are you meeting the needs of your participants? And does your program...

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I will take my cue from cseifert, who wrote an excellent article entitled “Maintaining Income During the Summer” to expand on the topic I would like to address… “Ideas on Maintaining Interest During a Normally Slow Summer of Lessons and Creating Interest During a Time When Potential Students May Be Interested in Starting Music Lessons”.

How can these ideas help you bring in new students? I’d love to hear from you! Already, a few have come this studio’s way… I hope, if you use some of these ideas, the same will happen for you.

Summer Sun

Yes, absolutely the longest title I’ve probably ever written, but covers the idea of this article rather thoroughly.

Many in the audience of this blog are teachers, while others are purely the business minded who manage said studios. Still others do both. Hopefully this article will hold tips and ideas many of you will enjoy, be able to use, and inspire studios around the world. If not, maybe I am simply enjoying the writing experience. 🙂

Summer is a difficult time for most studios, and while everyone handles it differently, I’ve come across a solution in my studio that seems to work for all the families involved…

heaven on earthI own and operate a small piano studio out of my home, and the summertime is always a bit of a financial struggle for me.

When I took piano lessons growing up, we always continued our lessons during the summer.  They were a bit more sporadic, since my teacher usually took a vacation and my family usually took a vacation, but it certainly wasn’t as though we took the summer off.

When I began teaching piano in Milwaukee, I was surprised to discover that teachers in the area gave summers completely off from piano lessons.  Most of my students expected that I would be doing this same thing.  My first year of teaching, though it went against my instincts and desires, I decided to appease the masses and gave my students the summer off.

I will never do it again. 

Here are the latest updates we've made to Studio Helper. We've fixed the pdf invoice to make it appear exactly as the web version. When editing invoice payments, it was creating a credit even though the invoice has already been fully paid. This is fixed now. On the 'Teacher Roster' report, old deleted packages were still showing up. We've fixed this. Teachers were not able to access some of...

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