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While talking with a friend this weekend, I was asked to give my job description.  Hmmm… where to start?

We as teachers and business owners not only manage, promote, and create our studios… we fulfill a job description so extensive, anyone would be amazed.

Are you a planner?  Then you are the events, lesson, & class schedule coordinator.
Are you a teacher?  Then you are probably the one instructing – the main face of your studio.
Are you skilled in math?  Well, even if you aren’t, you are probably the billing department.
Are you good with computers?  Then you are likely the reason your website is kept up-to-date & people are always impressed with your professional documents.
Are you personable, friendly, and quick to respond to your customer’s and student’s concerns and questions?  Then you are the human resources (HR) department.
Are you a person your students can trust, talk with, and relate to while in the studio?  Then you are a mentor, a counselor, a friend.
Have you taken years and years of lessons in your field & do you continue to learn every feasible opportunity?  Then you are a professional.

The list could continue, but you get the idea.  Never underestimate the immense shoes you fill.

As you probably know, Studio Helper wasn't working for a couple hours yesterday, and has also been a bit sluggish for the past few days. And we feel you deserve an explanation for this. The problem appears to have been caused by the database getting overloaded with requests. We had a record month last month for new signups and I guess we weren't as prepared for...

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money45121yI think the fall is probably an expensive time for most studio owners across the board as we prepare to head into another year of teaching…

Here’s what my business records show for this month:

Membership renewal in my national, state, and local teachers’ associations: $135

Ad in the local paper: $45

Ad in local parenting magazine: $100

New teaching materials for lessons: $50

Business license renewal: $25

                                                                                           You get the idea.

Studio Helper is continuing to improve each month, thanks to your valuable feedback. Here is a list of the updates we released in August, 2011. If you have ideas for how we can improve Studio Helper, please let us know on our Feedback page, or vote for ideas that have already been submitted. Thank you and have a great day! On the event categories...

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Keep Studio Traffic Flowing

One of the biggest challenges that any studio faces is keeping a steady flow of traffic coming through the door from week to week. Sure, on paper the schedule is full; but when you factor in illness, vacations, and extracurricular activities, often that schedule ends up with gaping holes in it.

I’ve been dealing with this issue in my studio since it first opened…up until a few months ago, when I implemented an easy fix. It’s such a simple solution that I’m almost embarrassed I didn’t think of it sooner.