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Running a teaching studio is a great service.  Collecting teachers, offering classes and lessons, coordinating schedules, events and policies — it makes total sense to organize it all as efficiently as possible.

But it’s important to keep in mind how you decide to organize it all.  There are others who want to know, namely, the IRS and your state departments of revenue and labor.  Okay, they can be a pain but why not look on the bright side:  can you imagine how completely disorganized most businesses would be if they didn’t have to keep track of things for their tax returns?  (Always looking for the silver lining!)

Let’s talk about why the government cares about your studio’s relationship with your teachers.  This can help you manage your studio better, by clarifying the rights and responsibilities of the studio toward its teachers, and vice versa.  

Think about distinguishing your studio from others by providing services that individual teachers can’t offer by themselves.  Even if your teachers are basically renting teaching space from you, everyone can benefit from a few coordinated events.jam

Such events can help make students feel that they are part of something bigger than just taking lessons from their teacher, and as a result, they will feel more of an attachment to the studio–a plus for both the teacher and the studio as a whole.

Pooling talents is the key.  An individual teacher could offer services from any location, but if you combine the skills of various teachers, you can offer something people can find nowhere else.

Examples include introductory classes, ensemble classes, jam sessions, open house festivals, recitals or demonstrations, camps, and gig services.  Let’s take a look at these ideas…

This week, we launched an exciting new feature on Studio Helper that's been requested many times by our customers: the ability to automatically invoice lessons from the calendar. The studios who will love this feature the most are those who charge on a "per lesson" basis, where students are invoiced a different amount each month depending on how many lessons were scheduled. Studios who charge a...

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Now is the time to take active steps to add students for your teachers. Acting now gives you time to implement solutions based on what responses you get to 'The Four Asks.' What are these mysterious questions? 1. Ask teachers if they want more students. It's possible your teachers would like to expand the number of students they teach. If so, adding time slots to their schedule in...

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As we know well, the transition to summer often interrupts the flow of our studio. There are issues around student/family vacation schedules, vacations for staff. There's even that 'lack of dedication' from students and others that's common when warm whether and outdoor activities sing their siren song. After a year of hard work, it's certainly understandable. Everybody needs a break. Manage Summer To Your Benefit Plan Something: Scheduling...

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